Easy 5-Minute Bird Feeder

Hi Mommas! Today I have a simple and fun craft idea that you and your toddler can do together. Let’s jump right in:

bird feeder header

So this craft is super fast and only takes 5 items:

toddler craft ingredients

Now, you can either poke a hole into the rice cake or piece of toast, or do what I did, which is to tie the string around it. I tried to poke a hole in my rice cake, and it was much too dry and crumbled apart, but it might work for a piece of toast.

craft 3

Next, you will want to slather some peanut butter onto the side of the rice cake. You could do both sides, but for simplicity’ sake (and it’s much less messy!), I just opted to cover one side.

craft 4

Now, take your seeds or birdseed, and (ideally) place a few at a time onto the peanut butter. Or, you can do what my toddler did, and completely dump the bowl onto the rice cake. 😉

craft aiden 1

craft aiden 2

craft aiden 3

craft 5

Boom. Haha.

craft 6

Now, you can definitely use the extra seeds to make a second feeder, or, if you’re feeling a tad snacky, you can eat the second rice cake. 🙂

aiden and rice cake

And that’s about it! Go ahead and hang up your bird feeder, and enjoy watching the birds flock over to check it out.

craft 7

Let me know if you try this with your kids, or if you have another favorite Springtime craft.


– Melissa


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