DIY Natural Budget-Friendly Foundation Powder Tutorial

Hi again! So I have done a few beauty posts in the past (Trader Joe’s beauty, and Simple Mommy Makeup), and I wanted to add another one: how to make your own foundation powder.

natural foundation powder


So, for this tutorial, you will need a couple of ingredients:

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or comparable oil, I would assume coconut oil, etc. would be ok)

– Organic Arrowroot Powder

– Cocoa Powder

– Cinnamon

– Spoons or coffee stirrers, something to mix things together

– Compact or something to put the foundation into

I ended up adding a few other things as well that turned out to be useful:



– Medicine dropper

– Essential Oil (I used lemon)

– A foundation powder that matches your shade

– A small jar to mix everything up into

OK, here goes! Spoon a little bit of arrowroot powder into your jar, and mix in a tiny bit of cocoa powder and/or cinnamon.


You can skip the cinnamon if you wish, as it can irritate your skin, but if you know that that’s not the case, I would go ahead, as it does help with the color. Mix everything together until it is the color that you want. Note that it’s not going to look perfect, we are going for a rough color here, not the exact shade. I used a powder that I already had from E.L.F. (excuse the nasty condition it is in, it has been well used, and the lid doesn’t stay on anymore).


Once you get the color that you like, you can either start to mix in a little oil into the jar, or you can put it in your foundation pot. I went ahead and put it in the pot first before adding oil. Also, I was looking around for something to put the foundation into, and I finally found this little reusable pot from Target. It was $1.99, and feels pretty heavy-duty, so I hope that it will hold up.



Here comes the tricky part. I had a devil of a time getting the oil into the container. I found that the olive oil was too dense, and when i tried mixing it in with the spoon, it made a crazy mess.


Yuck. So, what I ended up doing was using the medicine dropper to measure out a few drops of olive oil, then use my fingertip to pat and swirl it in the container. Then I would add a few drops of lemon oil and do the same, and I just alternated this way, adding a little bit of powder, oil, and lemon oil at a time until it was the consistency that I liked.



Now it is time for the face test. I had applied my normal makeup already, and I did put on some foundation, but I hadn’t set it with any powder yet.

P1040331 copy

P1040334 copy

As you can see, there were still a few blemishes after I had put on my foundation, but once I put the powder on, it blurred them quite nicely. I’m writing this blog post about 5 hours after I put the powder on, and so far my skin isn’t oily at all, which is incredible.

So all in all, if you are the type of person who likes to try beauty DIY’s, this would be a fun thing to try! It does make a HUGE mess though, so I wouldn’t try this around your toddler unless they’re napping or otherwise occupied. I do like that I know exactly what is inside of this makeup, and I also like that it works pretty well. If you have really great skin, you could probably get away with using just this over your moisturizer and skipping your regular foundation altogether. As far as price, this is definitely cheaper than a store-bought product. The arrowroot powder cost me a little over $1 from Amazon (though I’m sure you could buy it in bulk from a health food store), the compact was $1.99 from Target, and the rest of the ingredients I had on hand.

This foundation also smells HEAVENLY, I would love to hear from you guys if you have tried it and used a different oil. The combo of cinnamon, cocoa and lemon just makes me want to eat it haha!

Let me know if you guys try this, or have any other suggestions of DIY’s I should try.


– Melissa

*Edit: It’s been brought to my attention that lemon oil is photo sensitive and can increase the risk of sunburn. You can definitely still use this tutorial sans oil and use it as a loose powder, but if you’d like a more compact powder, try another type of essential oil.


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