There’s Yogurt On My Floor

I’ve read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” five times today

There’s handprints on my door

Tiny socks folded in a pile

And there’s yogurt on my floor


My son is pulling on my leg

Asking for “more”

More milk, more food, more attention

More hugs, more kisses, more


He is crying and wailing

Because his teeth hurt him every day

And all I can do is give him a popsicle and a hug

And say “Mommy loves you, it will be OK.”


Little bare feet are pattering by

Defiantly refusing to don the tiny socks I fold

There’s cheerios everywhere

And weariness in my soul


But sometimes I have to stop

And say, it doesn’t matter anyway

Hold your little babies, for babies they won’t stay

And grab the paper towels, because there is

Yogurt on my floor.

aiden and yogurt

Oh, you thought I was being metaphorical? No, there really is yogurt on my floor.

Excuse me while I go clean that up…


One thought on “There’s Yogurt On My Floor

  1. mamalisa4 says:

    This was sweet and funny!! I always have something on the floor in which I need to go clean up. Love it!! I wrote something similar on how our children don’t stay babies forever called I Blinked. I am a stay at home mom of four, ages from 3-8 years old. I am knee deep!! lol Love this post, really enjoyed it!!

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